Comparisons between silk comforter and down comforter

Silk comforterReferring to silk comforter, most consumers are always hesitant to make a choice compared with down comforters. Actually when you sleep on both with your eyes closed, it is the same as texture. However, compared with all the other aspects, silk comforter is superior to down comforter.

Silk comforters are much cheaper than down comforters, usually by a lot. Most down comforters would cost twice the amount of a similar silk comforter. Silk filled comforter provides no odor, whereas most down comforters over time do build up an intolerable odor. One other problem with down is that over time, the down filling shifts inside of the comforter. Silk will not do this as it is held strongly together, providing for the ultimate consistency. Down comforters also do not provide the hypoallergenic benefits of silk quilts. Down comforters have been known to cause allergic reactions, but that will never happen with silk. Down should not be used in warmer weather whereas silk can be used all year round.

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