Shopping for silk comforter Whether seam on the cover

Everyone wants a complete piece of silk bedding, without any seams and thrums on it, but do not just pay attention to the surface beauty, seams are always not worse than you thought.

If you are purchasing a 100 percent silk duvet cover, seams aren’t necessarily a bad thing. Much of the silk made is only 45 inches wide so it makes sense that a silk duvet cover is going to have to have a seam or two somewhere. Seamless duvet covers can be purchased but the wider silk is more expensive so expect to pay a premium for it. Be wary of “too good to be true” prices on any seamless silk bedding. It’s probably not a pure silk product.

If you do purchase silk sheet with a seam, there will either be a seam down the middle or two off center seams that are closer to the side edges. If you sleep alone and sleep in the middle of your bed choose bedding with off center side seams so you are not laying on or directly covered with a seam. If you or if you and your significant other sleep on either side of the bed, opt for the seam n the middle.