Guide to Choosing Seamless Silk Bedding

silk beddingThe first choice for many purchasers of silk bedding is seamless silk. Like its name suggest seamless silk bedding that does not have a center seam or two off center side seams.

Look for silk bedding made with mulberry silk linen. Avoid Habotai silk bedding. It has a rougher matte finish and is made from wild silk bedding which is of a lower quality than cultivated silk bedding. Wild silk bedding strands are not extremely long like cultivated silk bedding strands are so they need to be spun together to create length creating a silk bedding that is not as durable as the longest single thread filaments harvested from cultivated silkworms. Look for a momme weight between 16 and 19, although you can have a name weight as low as 12 and still be purchasing a quality product. Momme weight is a standard measurement used in calculating the heaviness of the silk bedding. The higher the momme number the heavier that piece of fabric is and the more silk bedding that was used in the construction of that piece of fabric. Any silk bedding product, whether it is made from mulberry silk bedding or a more affordable wild silk bedding, that has a momme weight of under 12 is not going to be durable and last a long time.

So the next time you go shopping for luxury silk bedding set, don’t automatically assume that sheets with a seam are of a lower quality than a set of seamless sheets.