Guide to Washing Your Own Silk Sheets

silk sheetsMost silk sheets are designed to be machine washed on the delicate cycle in cold water. Nonetheless, you should verify for a label with washing directions on your silk sheets just before you assume they are machine washable. Some silk sheets have to be hand washed in cold water as an alternative.

No matter how you wash your silk sheets, don’t use a traditional laundry detergent or bleach. These chemical substances are too sturdy for silk sheets and can lead to the silk sheets to shatter, which is a condition exactly where the silk sheets literally breaks apart. Alternatively, you need to use a special silk sheets protected detergent. In an emergency, you can attempt washing your silk sheets with soap, which is incredibly mild.

Once you wash your mulberry silk sheets, it is time to dry them. Don’t wring silk sheets out to take away any of the water nevertheless with them, because they are just too delicate to manage this. Alternatively, you can gently shake the silk sheets to take away some of the water and then hang them very carefully across an indoor clothesline or drying rack until they dry.