How to Wash Silk Bed Linen

silk bed linenDespite its luxurious appearance, silk bed linen is relatively easy to care for. With proper cleaning and care, your silk bed linen can stay looking new for as long as you own them. Best of all, silk bed linen does not absorb odors so your silk bed linen will stay fresh for longer and requires minimal laundering!

Only wash the silk bed linen in machines that are specifically designated as safe for silk bed linen and make sure the inside of the machine is free from any soap residue that might stain the bedding. To protect it from friction from the agitator, place it in a mesh bag. Use a small amount of a mild, non-alkali detergent and wash on the gentlest cycle available in water no hotter than 30°C (86°F). The spin cycle can be used, but should be kept short. Remember, hand washing is always best!

The better you wash and care for your luxury bed linen, the better it will care for you!