How to Wash Silk Bedding Sets

silk bedding setsSilk bedding sets are one of the most luxurious bed linens available on the market, but there are specific measures in place when it comes to caring for silk bedding sets. Even though professional dry cleaners appreciate the business, silk bedding sets and sheets can be cleaned and maintained at home with just a few key items and the knowledge of what to do. For example, silk bedding sets have to be steamed on the lowest heat setting with lots of steam, and silk bedding sets must always be turned inside out before they are ironed. Silk bedding sets may not need to be ironed if they are hung up to dry after being wash, many people have their own guidelines and insist on pressing them.

Fresh stains are easier to clean than those that have had time to set. It is best to spot clean silk bedding sets with a spray bottle of water and a dry cloth as soon as the stain occurs. Whether customers are searching for new silk bedding sets before ironing, they can find an impressive assortment of possibilities at both brick-and-mortar retail sites and on online retail sites.

Sometimes silk bedding sets comforters need heavy creases and wrinkles softened before they can be ironed. At other times, it may be necessary to get wrinkles out of silk bedding sets when no iron is available. The same technique is used to accomplish both tasks. Bathrooms can be converted into steam rooms with the help of the shower. After misting silk bedding sets with water from a spray bottle, particularly on highly wrinkled areas, the silk bedding sets can be hung in the bathroom while the shower is run on hot.