Tips for Caring for Luxury Bed Linen

luxury bed linenIroning luxury bed linen involves special instructions, so it is no surprise that there are additional recommended practices for handling and maintaining luxury bed linen. Luxury bed linen items can be washed by hand, at least the first few times, before upgrading to the gentle or delicate cycle on a washing machine. Hand washing luxury bed linen in lukewarm water helps soften silk fibers and protects the sheen. Only use a detergent that is specifically made for luxury bed linen or that is biodegradable. Luxury bed linen cannot be soaked for an excessive amount of time, and the fabric cannot be roughly rubbed, as that could create imperfections and picks in the luxury bed linen. Luxury bed linen cannot be wrung with the hands. Instead, it should be wrapped in a towel large enough to cover the item and lightly twisted to get the water out.

Wrinkles can be minimized by hanging immediately. Line drying is the best method for drying luxury bed linen, but items should not be subjected to direct sunlight in order to prevent fading. If drying outdoors is out of the question, a dryer can be used on the lowest possible temperature setting. Some dryers have an “air” option that is ideal for drying luxury bed linen.

Fresh stains are easier to clean than those that have had time to set. It is best to spot clean discount luxury bed linen with a spray bottle of water and a dry cloth as soon as the stain occurs.