Improve Your Life with Silk Bedding, Why?

silk blanketSilk bedding is by far the most versatile bedding available. They are hypoallergenic, comfortable and good for anyone who is looking to improve the comfort of their bed.

Silk wicks moisture away from your skin meaning you will stay warm and comfortable through the evening. Silk takes the trophy on another big category as well it is highly hypoallergenic, such as silk sheets, 100% silk blanket and so on. Dust mites and bed bugs do not like the fabric, and the thread has naturally occurring anti-fungal properties. Enough cannot really be said about this if you have asthma or other allergies. Another one of the natural properties that the smoothness of the fabric also makes moving around in your bed effortless and eliminating bunched up fabric that can overheat parts of your body. Finally, the fabric is excellent at regulating your body temperature.

As mentioned above, silk bed set is excellent at wick moisture away from your body and eliminating air pockets so it excellent for use in the winter as well as in the summer.