How to Make Your Silk Sheets Last For Many Years

silk bedding setsMost people these days get a new set of linens and only use that one set. Typically most people wash their linens on a weekly basis as well. When their bedding begins to fade quicker, they wonder what is going on. This process can even get sped up more when you have luxury silk bedding depending how you wash them.

Step 1: Silk duvet cover is evaporates your sweat very quickly and most bed allergens can’t survive in silk. So it’s going to stay much cleaner, much longer. For your silk, I highly recommend you wash it every 2 to 3 weeks. Step 2: Have two other sets in your bedding rotation. You can’t live off of just one set; you are going to ruin it very quickly.

If you follow our suggestion of dry cleaning your silk bedding sets, this will allow you to only have to dry clean once every 7 weeks. That will save money and make your silk last so many years. You’ll love it!