Ultimate Guide: Removing Lipstick from Silk Sheets

silk sheetsYou have purchased soft, luxurious mulberry silk sheets and you treat them with loving care, washing them often but gently. However, now the unimaginable has happened. You have a stain on your mulberry silk sheets and do not know what to do.

If the lipstick and makeup stain has set, try the laundry soap you use to regularly clean the sheets but in a little more concentrated form. If that does not work, try ammonia but be careful if the sheets are a dark color. Test in an inconspicuous place first and use as little as ammonia as possible. Start with 1 part ammonia to 3 parts water. If that doesn’t work increase the strength of the ammonia but never use anything stronger than 1 part ammonia to 1 part water.

There are many different kinds of mulberry silk sheets which means that a method removes a stain on one type of silk may not work on another type of silk. Always remember test the method on an inconspicuous section of the mulberry silk sheets first, like on a corner of the fitted sheet that does not show when it is on the bed.