Silk Bedding for Extreme Bed Pleasure

silk duvet setYou will feel like a movie star or starlet when you indulge yourself in the pure silk decadence of silk sheets and pillow covers or a pure silk duvet set.

Silk fabrics are very soft and lightweight. You can sleep under a light as a feather silk blanket and enjoy the same warmth of wool. Silk feels softer against the skin than other fibers because it has a smooth surface and is extremely fine. Everyone can appreciate this, but it’s particularly important for those with sensitive skins. Silk is perfect for sensitive skins, with its smooth surface and natural anti-bacterial properties. The natural gum that binds the silk cocoon together is called sericin. Sericin is believed to be beneficial to the health of your skin, much like the lanolin in wool, as it contains many essential amino acids.

100% silk is kind to the skin and heavenly to sleep on. So, there is no reason why you should not give yourself a treat of some smooth and sexy silk sheets and sumptuous pure silk duvets.