Silk Bedding Is a Natural Heat Regulator

silk beddingIf you always get overheated at night, you are always suffering night sweats. Silk bedding helps providing a more comfortable sleeping environment by balancing temperature swings.

Silk bedding, such as pure silk duvets always makes us feel very smooth, cool and comfortable. Why? As is known to us, silk comes from the silkworms. The liquid they spit out freezes into silk. Silk is natural protein molecule compounds which not only has good absorbency but also good air permeability. In a wet environment, the dry silk can absorb humidity, absorb the sweat and metabolites, take away the heat of our body, keep our skin clean and avoid the development of the germ on our skin. While in a dry environment, the silk which has already absorbed some sweat can release some humidity. Moreover, it can also help to prevent eczema and other skin diseases.

The silk bedding sets help reduce night sweats with its all-natural, moisture-wicking properties that keep both you and your bedding dry.