Silk Is Good for Eczema and Shingles

silk bed sets Have you endured shingles or eczema? Although there have been lots of recent advancements in medicine that can bring relief and even cures for most common skin diseases and ailments. Some natural treatment with silk bed sets will also help make you comfortable.

Significant relief from Shingles can be gained by using silk bedding. Silk being soft and light creates less pressure, this combined with tightly woven silk sheets enables easier movement and less resistance on the bed sheets. Silk duvets can also be of help to shingle sufferers as like silk top sheets, they drape over the body eliminating single points of contact. Silk has an amazing ability to help our skin reabsorb moisture through the natural occurring amino acids within silk. Absorbing moisture that has been lost during the day while sleeping will aid in rejuvenating the skin throughout the night. This is hugely beneficial to sufferers of both Eczema and dry skin.

In spite of its delicate appearance, 100% mulberry silk sheets are relatively robust. It can help give us a glowing and softer skin.