Why Are Silk Pillowcases Good for Hair

mulberry silk pillowcasesSilk is a natural textile woven from the protein chains making up the silkworm cocoon. So, more and more people would like to choose silk bed sets, such as mulberry silk pillowcases. Why are silk pillowcases good for hair?

First, 100% silk pillowcase has one of the lowest moisture absorption rates of any fabric on the market. This helps your hair maintain more of its natural moisture so it doesn’t dry out as quickly. Second, Silk doesn’t absorb your hairs natural oils or your hair care products like conditioner. Third, Silk doesn’t have the harsh chemicals often found in other textiles like cotton, polyester and rayon.

The combination of the features of silk: low moisture absorption and low friction combine to help you keep your hair style longer and reduce the incidence of bed head. So, silk bed linens are your first choice!