Silk Robes are Best Gift for Your Bridesmaids

silk robesPlanning a wedding can get a little crazy, there are so many things that need to be considered and organized within such a short space of time. One such decision you must make is what to gift your bridal party. While bridal party gifts are not essential they are however a nice way to express your gratitude towards your bridesmaids for all their efforts in helping make your wedding day special. An ideal and unique gift for your bridesmaids’ is silk robes.

If your bridesmaids are spending the night before the wedding with you this will be the perfect opportunity to give them silk robes as their gift. As they can all wear their new silk robes which will make for great photos. Having a girls only night before the wedding with your bridesmaid’s will take you back to your childhood and the excitement that came with having a sleepover. Lovely and soft silk robes are a guaranteed winner in our eyes, unless you know your bridesmaids prefer a nightie. Depending on your budget you might also like to pair your gift with a silk eye mask. A silk eye mask is both practical and unique. As you’ve probably heard before the bride and her bridesmaids’ really do need their beauty sleep the night before the wedding and a silk eye mask can help. You can choose to buy your bridesmaids just one element or put them altogether in a sweet little bundle.

The beauty of this type of bridal gift is that your bridesmaids can actually reuse their silk robes and are sure to appreciate the thought and really who doesn’t love silk robes? Silk robes for women are a truly convenient gift.