Silk Sheets Keep You a Proper Temperature

silk sheetsSummer and winter months are usually when you want bed sheets that could keep you cool and warm. Silk cover can do it better than any other sheet.

Silk helps the body regulate heat by keeping you cool when it’s warm outside and warmer when it’s cool outside. It helps to shed excess heat during the summer to keep your skin cool. It also helps to retain heat during the winter so you can stay warm. Silk has a natural draping ability that some people call the “hugging effect.” It gently caresses and hugs the body which helps hold in body heat when it is cold. All in all, a silk comforter will keep a person feeling “just right” in terms of warmth. It helps them not ever feel too warm or too cold but always “just right.”

The right silk sheets can really add to a good night sleep, no matter it’s a hot night or a cold night.