Silk Sheets or Satin Sheets

silk sheetsOne of the most common questions we hear is: Are your sheets satin? The answer to this seemingly simple question is a bit more complicated: When most people think of ‘satin sheets’ they recall the disco days of the 70’s: When the height of cool was satin sheets. Satin sheets were shiny, satin sheets were slippery, satin sheets were hot, and satin sheets were synthetic. Silk sheets, on the other hand, are not always shiny, not always slippery, always breathable, and 100% natural! Here are some points to remember:

First, shiny and slippery fabric is usually a satin ‘weave’. Satin sheets can be woven from any number of fabrics, but is most often associated with polyester or poly-blends. Unlike satin sheets, silk sheets do not slip around, as the twisted threads ‘catch’ each other. Second, non-breathable bedding is most likely a man-made fabric or a blend with a man-made fabric. Silk sheets are 100% mulberry, light, soft and very breathable. One of the greatest properties of silk sheets is that it regulates your body temperature. It will either cool you down or warm you up depending on what your body needs. Silk sheets are cool to the touch but can retain warmth better than many other fabrics. That is why it has been used for thermal underwear for skiers and hikers, and it is loved by those that are very hot sleepers including menopausal women.

Remember these all when you decide to purchase 100% mulberry silk sheets for your bedding.