Things to Remember Before Shopping for Silk Duvets

silk duvetsBuying silk duvets need not be a chore. A few simple steps will have you on your way to a comfy night’s rest in no time.

Check the size of your bed. Bedding has some standard sizes, but each manufacturer has their own interpretation of what exact dimensions a King, Cal King, Queen, or Full size silk duvets should be. Measure your bed and also decide how much drape over the edges you want. When shopping for silk duvets, don’t go just by the name of the size – make sure you check the silk duvets size charts to see which dimensions fit your bed. Get as many details about the silk duvets as you can. What is the fill weight? What type of silk duvets filling is used? What are the dimensions? Is the workmanship warrantied? Make sure two silk duvets are truly comparable before comparing their prices. Silk duvets are not yet a true commodity, so shopping comparison sites will not be of much help.

Depending on where you live and how you like to sleep, you may need lighter mulberry silk duvets, heavier mulberry silk duvets, or both.