Tips for Buying Silk Duvet Covers

There are many types of duvet cover materials, and silk duvet covers are among the more popular types of duvet cover. Though many people refer to duvet covers as ‘duvets’, the term ‘duvet’ is actually the down filled comforter that a duvet cover fits over. Since down filled duvets should not be washed in water, but dry cleaned, they are usually covered with some type of material to protect them. The silk duvet covers are then removed for washing.

Silk duvet covers certainly add a touch of elegance to a bedroom ensemble. There’s nothing quite like the sheer luxury of real silk brushing up against one’s skin, or seeing the light reflect off the fine threads. “What’s the point of buying silk duvet covers if I have to dry clean the cover?” you may ask. If your silk duvet covers or silk duvet set is a lighter shade of silk, you should have no problems washing it with water and a mild detergent. Before water washing silk duvet covers, perform a color fastness test by dipping a portion of the silk duvet covers into tepid water. Take a piece of white cotton fabric and firmly press it on top of the wetted silk duvet covers. If there is only the slightest trace of color transfer, or none at all, then it is safe to wash the silk duvet covers with water.

If you decide to wash your mulberry silk duvet covers with water, be sure to use cool or tepid water only. Water that is too hot will most likely cause the silk to blotch as it dries. The temperature of the water should not exceed 40° C.