How to Distinguish Silk Bedding from Polyester

silk beddingNothing can bring much needed softness and comfort to a bed quite like silk bedding. Then how to distinguish silk bedding from polyester? Do following test no matter where you are buying your silk bedding.

The acid test is to burn some of the material with a cigarette lighter. Real silk bedding burns with a white smoke and leaves a fine powdery black ash. The smoke smells like burnt protein (such as burnt meat). Polyester burns with a grey or black smoke, smells like burning plastic and leaves an ash like melted plastic rather than powder. Most shops will do this for you if ask. However, be on your guard because the silk bedding shops are cunning. The most frequent deception is that they will burn a thread taken from the tag saying “100% silk bedding”. You think they do this to preserve the garment but the deception is that the tag itself is 100% silk bedding but the garment it is attached to is polyester!! Another trap is to be sure that the threads are taken from the silk bedding you are thinking of purchasing and not some other material. This test is relatively conclusive.

Generally, polyester has brighter shinier colors than luxury silk bedding, whose colors are a little duller. Caution is needed however as silk bedding can be processed to be just as bright and shiny as polyester.