Advantages of Silk Duvets

Silk duvets offer a wide array of advantages to consumers. Among silk duvets more compelling selling points includes hypoallergenic properties, which can bring enhanced health and comfort to a consumer’s bed.

Silk duvets tend to be more hypoallergenic than other fibers and are more resistant to dust mites than many other types of fibers. As a natural protein, silk duvets do not attract dust mites in the way other fibers and materials might, and this makes silk duvets a much healthier choice for consumers with allergy issues. Beds that use silk sheets and silk duvets are typically much lower in the allergens that can aggravate night-time breathing and cause respiratory issues or even antagonise or create skin conditions such as eczema. Silk duvets fibers are long and fine, thereby delivering an exceedingly soft surface for the skin to rest against. Silk duvets material also tends to drape over a sleeper’s form instead of smothering it or clinging to it, and this gives users of the silk duvets a much more sensitive cocoon in which to sleep.

Choosing 100% mulberry silk duvets and enjoy a good night.