Tog Ratings of Silk Duvets

If you are planning to purchase silk filled comforters, then tog rating is one of the elements you should consider.

Silk Filled ComfortersAs of yet there is no official standards tog rating for silk duvets. This leaves the market in a bit of turmoil as some suppliers may recommend one thing and others something completely different. The comparative tog rating system we have seen is by measuring grams of silk per square meter. A duvet filled with 250gsm silk will be the equivalent of 2-4 togs. A duvet filled with 400gsm will be the equivalent of 7-9 togs, and a duvet filled with 600gsm will be the equivalent of 10-13 togs. It is worth pointing out that many suppliers offer a combination duvet which is a 250 and 400gsm duvet that fasten together. There are some good deals to be had when a discount is offered for the purchase of a combination set.

Now, you know what tog rating is, then you will never be cheated when buying silk comforter sets for beds.