Types of Silk Sheets

silk sheetsWhile many silk sheet sets are sold as ‘silk’, not all of silk sheets are the same quality. Different silk sheets have different blends, a different momme weight, and can be of varying levels of purity. In fact, the cheapest silk sheets are usually no more than 15 per cent silk. Unless sheets are labelled as 100 per cent silk, they are likely to be a blend of polyester, cotton, or another smooth, silky material. Usually people with a lower budget choose the lower blends of silk, which are easier to care for as well compared with 100 per cent silk sheets.

Another difference between silk sheets types is the momme weight. Momme weight is similar to thread count in other fabrics, but because this method is not a good measure of quality for silk sheets, momme is used instead. Momme describes the weight of silk per 100 metres, usually measured in pounds. Silk sheets range between 6 and 30 mommes with the highest being pure silk which is actually quite transparent. Standard silk sheets usually range between 15 and 22 mommes because pure silk sheets are more fragile than those with blends of other materials. Most experts agree that 18-20 momme is a good balance between quality and durability in silk sheets.

Silk sheets have the reputation of being very difficult to care for, but with a few simple preparations, 100% mulberry silk sheets can be relatively easy to care for. Silk is a beautiful, luxuriant fabric that is soft to the touch and pleasant to sleep on, which is one of the reasons that many people choose it for their bedding.