Instructions of Cleaning Silk Comforters

silk filled comforterSilk comforters last for 10 years or more if they are placed inside a duvet cover that protects the fabric. However, you may need to clean your silk comforter from time to time. There are some instructions for the cleaning work.

First, prepare to sun-cure the silk filled comforter. Sun curing is a technique that will remove trapped moisture in the comforter. Hang the comforter on a clothesline and leave it in the sun for up to two hours. Second, remove from the clothesline after the time has elapsed. Place the comforter into a dryer. Set the dryer to the air cycle and leave the silk comforter in for 30 minutes as an alternative option to sun-curing outside. Third, take the comforter to your local dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning silk garments. At last, hang the silk comforter for two hours in partial sun to air it out and then place the comforter back into the duvet cover.

A mulberry silk comforter not only looks beautiful on a bed, but it feels beautiful as well. Make sure your silk comforter stays looking attractive by cleaning properly.