What is seamless silk bedding?

Many of the purchasers may have a passion for the seamless silk bedding not only for its perfect visual feeling but also considering it as a high quality one. However, is that true? And what, after all, is seamless silk bedding?

Like its name suggests seamless silk is bedding that does not have a center seam or two off center side seams. The standard width of pure silk is 45 inches which means silk bedding any bigger than twin size is going to have a seam in it. That seam is either directly down the center which is best for people who sleep on the side of their bed and not right in the middle of it; or two off center side seams which is better for people who do sleep in the middle of their bed. This prevents a person from having to lay on a seam or having a seam mar the smoothness of the silk comforter they are covered with.

And one thing needs to be mentioned that much of the seamless available on the market is not pure silk. It is a blend or a knit of silk and something else and is of a lesser quality, so do choose carefully.

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