What is Silk Bed Linen?

silk bed linenMany people love the idea of sleeping in pure silk bed linens. For thousands of years only the Chinese Emperor and his court could experience the unique comfort and softness of pure silk bed linen. Gradually the secrets of silk bed linen made their way along the Silk Road and out into the world and by the 2oth century pure silk was widely used for fashion clothing. Silk bed linen was still a well-kept secret and only available from the most expensive stores around the world.

While silk bed linen does require some care, it is a strong fabric for its weight. In fact, its strength-to-weight ratio made it the primary fabric used in parachutes before the invention of nylon. This delicacy myth is propagated because silk bed linen is often used in lingerie or women’s dresses in a lightweight, such as 6, 8, or 10 mm. A heavier weight quality silk bed linen around 19mm or more will give you many years of use with proper care.

Whether you’re new to silk bed linen or already a silk bed linen lover, follow our guide is sure to help you discover something new about the wonders of silk bed linen.