What You Should Know About Silk Bedding

silk beddingThere are a large number of online and offline retailers that offer silk bedding to purchase in a variety of colors and styles. You can choose from regular commercial silk bedding or the new lines of eco-friendly silk bedding. You can purchase a variety of silk bedding, some of which will be heavier and some of which will be lighter depending on what kind of silk worms were used. Organic or eco-friendly silk bedding will reflect humane silk collection practices and often fair labor and hiring practices as well.

Resting with high quality silk bedding connects you to nature and protects your skin in a cocoon. It’s also really healthy, improving your breathing and reducing common allergies that are caused by dust mites that live in man-made fibers. Making the switch has these main benefits that are supported by scientific results:

First, silk bedding makes the skin happy both because of its texture and due to its natural protein that helps heal skin wounds faster. Second, silk bedding sets optimizes the bed to generate a stable climate with balanced temperatures, when compared to cotton and artificial fibers, adding cool and comfortable nights during summer but cozy and warm environments for winter. This is possible due to the unique hollow shape of the threads inside the silk bedding.