Why Choose Silk Bed Linen for Summer

silk bed linenFeel like a princess as you crawl in to bed with this luxurious silk bed linen. Start by layering with silk bed linen. Add lots of cushions and pillows and make sure you use real down bolsters with high down count. Decorate your boudoir with Venetian glass and mirrors, frames with photos of your loved ones, and subtle changes in textures and colors. Add heavy linen curtains to keep the cool out and lay pure sisal carpet on the floor. Keep some beautiful lingerie in your cupboard to complete the picture.

Silk bed linen offers an ultra-luxurious feel and comfort unique to this wonderful material. Silk bed linen contains natural proteins which provide hypoallergenic properties, and the silk bed linen allows for excellent temperature regulation, breathability and the ability to wick away excess moisture. Silk bed linen offers a very luxurious feel and are often described as slightly heavier than down, and will tend to drape over the body more than down, which has a tendency to stay “lofted” above the body.

Choose silk bed linens if you are seeking a bed set which wraps around the human form more closely than other natural fills. Silk bed linen is a popular choice as a summer bed set as they are typically cooler sleeping than other natural fills.