Why Choosing Mulberry Silk Robe in Summer

silk robeAs the rising of weather, we have to change thick robes for winter with a thinner one for summer. There are so many different kinds of robes in the market. How to choose the most suitable one? Why is silk robe chosen by more and more people?

In the past, many people like to choose cotton robe because it is cheap and traditional. Meanwhile, many people also like to choose a fiber robe since they think it is breathable. Actually, silk robe has numerous air hole that it is much breathable than fiber robe. The heat from the body will release from the holes that you will feel cool even in hot summer. Those heat remained in the hole will play an important role in keeping you warm in winter. As a result, the more holes your silk robe has, the better function of keeping warm and cool silk robe will have.

There are also many advantages of a silk robe, such as durability and easy clean. If you have never tried white silk robe before, then you can give yourself a chance to experience real comfort and finest quality of sleep. You will never want to go back to cotton or any other materials if you have realized huge advantages of silk robe. Spend a comfortable and cool summer together with silk robe!