Why should I Choose Silk Sheets

silk sheetsAt first glance silk sheets seems fairly ordinary, the only major difference between them and their cotton counterparts seems to be price. The packaging looks fairly similar, as do the colors. This, as I was to find out is where the similarities begin and end.

It is generally accepted that mulberry silk sheets are the best silk available on the market today. Only mulberry silk sheets can endure the constant use normal bedding has. Other silk sheets such as Habotai silk are available but they lack the durability of mulberry silk sheets. This is usually reflected in the price. Habotai silk sheets have been known to seem softer than their mulberry silk sheets counterpart. This is because the silk sheets are often sand washed during the production process. Although this gives a soft feel to the silk sheets, it further destroys the already limited durability of Habotai silk sheets.

Many retailers are keen to point out the hypoallergenic properties of silk sheets and how sleeping on silk sheets helps allergy sufferers. This is mainly due to mulberry silk sheets being an inhospitable environment to dust mites, which are a major cause of allergy related complications. In addition to the health benefits silk sheets has the remarkable ability to keep us warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm. This is achieved by silk sheets allowing our reflected body heat to dissipate and therefore help us maintain a stable temperature. Simple, but very effective and prefect for people who tend to overheat when using conventional bedding.