Guide to Purchasing Silk Bed Cover

silk bed coverSilk bed cover protects quilt and gives a new look to the bedroom. Silk bed cover goes one step further and adds a level of luxury to the feel of the quilt. Silk bed cover is light, incredibly soft, and has been a luxury bedding material for centuries. Since silk bed cover is fairly expensive, knowing about silk quality is invaluable before shopping. A number of factors like weight, source, and weave go into determining the quality of silk bed cover. Learn about these and how to shop for silk bed cover online allows shoppers to find a deal on this luxurious bedding material.

Real silk bed cover also comes from a few different sources, depending on the species of silkworm and its food source. Mulberry silk bed cover is extremely smooth, soft, and high quality. It comes from a special species of silkworm that eats only mulberry leaves. Other species of silkworms produce lower quality silk bed cover. Tussah silk bed cover, for example, comes from wild moths, which eat many different plants. This kind of silk bed cover comes from broken cocoons that the wild moths have left, making the silk bed cover fibers shorter. The natural color is a tan or brown and the texture is slightly different from mulberry silk. However, Tussah silk bed cover is also a real silk product that is more affordable than mulberry silk. Silk bed cover from China often have Tussah silk inside. However, mulberry silk is more common for bed cover since consumers are looking for a very soft texture.

Online shopping makes it easy to find 100% mulberry silk bed cover of all sizes from the comfort of your home. A range of prices is always available, making it possible to get excellent quality and still stay within the budget.