How to Choose Silk Blankets for Babies

silk blanketsBabies are not born with the ability to regulate their own body temperature, so silk blankets for babies are an important item on every parent’s checklist. Silk blankets can be very practical, for day-to-day wrapping and swaddling of the baby, or a fun fashion statement, utilizing different materials and patterns to match any parent’s personal style.

Silk blankets are used to wrap a newborn, cover a sleeping baby, serve as a soft area to place the baby on the floor, keep a baby warm, and protect a baby from the elements, to name a few uses. Practical uses aside, silk blankets can also be used for decorating a nursery. Silk blankets of all types come in different thicknesses to be used in different weather conditions. Because of its importance in a baby’s life, silk blankets for babies should be durable, easy to clean, and a safe item to use with the baby. This is especially once a baby has bonded to the item, as the child might not want to give up treasured silk blankets because it is difficult to clean or begins to fall apart after being laundered a few times.

Silk blankets for babies are lightweight and made of a natural, breathable fiber that is very soft on the baby’s skin. Silk, however, is a very delicate material and not as durable as other fabrics.