How to Care for Your Silk Duvet

Silk duvet and linen are made using only the finest quality long-fiber mulberry silk. Because of this silk duvet is less susceptible to bacteria and the cleaning requirements are far less than those of a conventional duvet or bed linen.

All the cleaning your silk duvet should need when used in conjunction with a silk duvet cover is to be aired for a few hours outside (out of direct sunlight) about twice a year. This allows the silk duvet to ‘breathe’ and helps the silk fibers that may have slightly compacted during use to rejuvenate. As a last resort and for larger stains we recommend find a professional cleaner who understands silk duvet. This is because silk duvet is susceptible to high heat and domestic washing machines could damage the fibers. It may sound obvious but silk duvet covers are not only hygienic but will also protect your duvet from wear and tear.

Contrary to popular belief caring for your silk duvet is not very difficult. By following these simple steps you will prolong the life of your mulberry silk duvet and be able to enjoy it for many years to come.