How to Clean Silk Bedding

silk bed setYou purchased pure silk bed set and spilled something on it accidentally. What shall you do? Take a look below to learn how to care for silk fabrics.

Machine washing silk sheets after your first few hand washings. Always use the delicate wash cycle and tepid water no warmer than 86 degrees Fahrenheit. When machine-washing your silk sheets, wash them alone without any other clothing or towels. Use one spin cycle only to preserve the integrity of the fabric. And keep the silk sheets out of direct sunlight, as this causes the fabric to fade, particularly in dark color sheets. If you don’t have an outdoor clothesline or the weather is prohibitive, you can machine dry your sheets. Use the lowest temperature setting or set the dryer to air.

Silk sheet is smooth and pleasing to the skin, and fits for both summer and winter wear. Silk is a delicate fabric that requires special care when cleaned.