How to Clean Silk Pillow Case

silk pillowcasesSilk pillowcases need special care to ensure that the fabric retain its sheen. How to wash it in washing machine without damaging the fabric? Follow us!

Always use a mild soap and cool and lukewarm water when washing silk. Never, ever use bleach. Wash silk in a washing machine only if it has a safe for silk cycle labeled gentle or delicate. If it doesn’t, wash by hand or take it to a dry cleaner. You could dry silk pillowcases in a dryer if it has an air setting. Not all of them do, and it takes only a few minutes to reach a high enough temperature to damage fine silk. Whenever drying silk bedding on a drying rack, check for dyes and finishes that could cause stains. Avoid drying silk in direct sunlight, because this can ruin the fiber and cause the color to fade.

Silk pillow covers could be machining washed, but make sure to set in the delicate cycle.