When You Should Change Your Silk Sheets

silk sheetsA build-up of sweat and oils on silk sheets can cause bacteria to grow, and can be generally uncomfortable to sleep on. People with extreme allergies may need to change their bed sheets as often as every day. Silk sheets should also be changed daily if you are sick.

Although many experts recommend changing silk sheets weekly, they firmly advise not going more than two weeks between sheet changes to avoid any possible respiratory problems or dust mite infestations. There are many people who only change bed sheets once every couple of weeks or once a month, though, and as long as you don’t have terrible allergies, a compromised immune system, it’s not likely to cause huge problems if you occasionally change your 100% mulberry silk sheets less frequently than recommended. It is important, however, to wash any soiled silk sheets promptly. You should always wash silk sheets immediately after night sweats, incontinence, or food stains.

It’s also important to have several sets of 100% mulberry silk sheets on hand, as well as a good mattress cover. Failure to use fresh silk sheets and a mattress cover may increase dust mites in your mattress and reduce its usable life. Buying two or three pairs of silk sheets may be less expensive than having to replace a mattress, and is generally a good idea anyway, since it takes a while for silk sheets to get washed and dried. It’s a good idea to have three sets of silk sheets, so that you can have one set available for immediate changing, one on the bed, and one in the wash. You may need more sets if you routinely get behind on the laundry.