How to Iron Silk Bedding Sets

silk bedding setsSilk is a luxury fabric and we are often asked whether you can iron silk bedding sets. The answer is yes, assuming you take care. We find however that after a couple of washes, silk bedding sets will often have fewer wrinkles and don’t generally require ironing, assuming you remove the silk bedding sets from the dryer quickly and put them away. Here are several tips to keep in mind when ironing your silk bedding sets.

Use a lower heat setting. You don’t want to be ironing your silk bedding sets at the same setting as your cotton bedding sets. Choose a setting on the low side (most irons have a silk setting) and then slowly increase the heat if need. Never keep the iron in the same place long. Move quickly over the silk bedding sets. You can also place a clean piece of cotton over top the silk bedding sets when ironing to reduce the chance of damaging the silk bedding sets.

With care and a little patience, it is possible to iron silk bedding sets comforters for a clean result. As always, try out these techniques on your silk bedding sets in a small section first before proceeding.