Silk Pillowcase Thread Count

King Size Silk Pillowcases

When buying silk pillowcase for hair, another quality element you can’t omitted is thread count.

Thread count may not be strange for house wives. Although the phrase thread count gets thrown around a lot, as long as your king size silk pillowcases are above 400 or so, it doesn’t matter.  Extremely high thread counts are often not reliable and might be better avoided unless the manufacturer clearly states the facts behind the number. Some manufacturers will twist 2 or 3 threads together to make one yarn, yet use the number of threads in the thread count. That means that a piece of fabric that has a thread count of 200 may be marketed as having a 400 or 600 thread count because there were 2 or 3 threads used when making the yarn. The result is something that should feel ultra smooth but does not.

If you want to be get more and more beautiful, then sleeping on a quality mulberry silk pillowcase is necessary. Keep reading us in the future, and we will discuss more.