Silk Sheets Are Great If You Have Hot Flashes

silk sheetsSilk sheets represent more than just a luxurious addition to your bedroom; they can be a great choice for women, especially during menopause when they may experience uncomfortable symptoms like hot flashes while they sleep.

Why silk bed sheets? When you find yourself in the middle of a hot flash, the excess sweat and heat can make your sleep very uncomfortable. Silk has the unique property that allows it to absorb moisture without getting damp. As a result, the silk sheets will absorb the heat directly from your body and still remain dry, offering you a feeling of coolness. There is no other fiber that can offer the same comfort as silk does during hot flashes.

Although silk sheet set can make a bedroom look amazing, silk is far more than a decorative element. Its unique properties allow it to provide a high level of comfort that no other synthetic or natural fabric can.