The Ultimate Guide to Wash Mulberry Silk Sheets

silk sheetsWhen you choose to buy mulberry silk sheets, you’re making a long-term investment in your personal comfort. Mulberry silk sheets are smooth and pleasing to the skin, retaining heat in the winter and keeping your body cool in the summer. Some consumers may be deterred from purchasing silk sheets because they fear they’ll get stuck with a “delicate” fabric that falls apart after washing. Quality silk sheets can give you a lifetime of comfort and ask that you give them only a little tender loving care in return. Read the following to learn how to wash mulberry silk sheets.

Silk sheets should be washed by hand the first two to three times, but after that it is OK to launder them in a washing machine as long as using the proper method. Do not scrub vigorously. It is better to put silk sheets into a dry-cleaner. However, fewer family have this machine. Using the high quality washing machine is also fine. Select the delicate cycle. This means using the same cycle that people use to wash wool. Ensure the water is lukewarm. Use a protective bag. Do not use the extra spin cycle. Or use the short spinning cycle. Silk sheets do not need to be spined too much. Hang the silk sheets on a clothesline and allow to dry in an area out of direct sunlight, which causes damage to silk. Silk sheets can also be dried in the dryer on the lowest temperature setting.

Silk sheets usually shrink slightly the first few times they are washed. This is normal and not cause for concern. Wash mulberry silk sheets separately from other laundry to prevent damage.