Benefits of Satin Sheets

satin sheets“Getting your beauty rest,” couldn’t be truer when you sleep on satin sheets. As mentioned previously, amino acids in the satin sheets combat aging and help you appear younger and more vibrant. Other beauty benefits include amino acids transferring protein to skin and hair. The Wall Street Journal highlights satin sheets in their article, Better Beauty Sleep.

Did you know you can improve your health while you sleep? When you use satin sheets on your bed, you are investing in your health in numerous ways. The chance of getting dust mites is very low when using satin sheets. A natural protein silk is inhospitable to these unwelcome guests and is an ideal bedding solution for those who have allergies. 100% hypoallergenic, satin sheets are naturally made and is a great alternative to down comforters which can keep allergens captive between layers. An interesting fact about satin sheets is that it is made of eighteen essential amino acids. Amino acids are found in the body and in nature. Used for numerous functions, being in contact with amino acids while you sleep can give you many benefits. A noted benefit of sleeping with satin sheets is a calming of the nervous system. Amino acids can also combat the appearance of aging, especially in the face.

Simply the texture of satin sheets can help keep your hairstyle going strong for days and you won’t be waking up with creases in your face. Satin sheets don’t retain moisture and this keeps your skin care products on your skin and not all over your covers. Studies have shown that satin bed sheets will help those with Eczema. When you slumber on satin sheets, moisture stays close to the skin instead of being pulled away by the fabric. It’s even known to keep hair from tangling. Satin sheets allow hair strands to “glide over it” instead of creating friction as with cotton. Even one night with satin sheets will bring about a change in your appearance.