You Should Know about Satin Sheets

satin sheetsRecently, some girls are very impressed by satin sheets. So, if you are single guy, I think it behooves you to have satin sheets in your bedding arsenal. Satin sheets are sleek, soft and definitely different than high thread count cotton sheets.

Satin sheets are popular because they are smooth and shiny. The smoothness comes from the fact that satin sheets are made of very thin, high thread count fabric. Often, this means they are made of synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester and (ugh) acetate. These tiny fibers are perfect for high thread count fabrics, but are in an entirely different realm than high thread-count cotton. The shininess also comes from the synthetic fibers. To put this in perspective, “Sateen” sheets are made of high thread-count cotton fabric, but they lack the “shininess” of satin sheets.

Do not buy “knit” materials. Most of the discount satin sheets you see in department stores are made of knit acetate. This is not cool because the surface is going to be rougher than you are looking for. Look for “woven” fabric. This is the only way you are going to get high thread count, smooth, silky action from your satin sheets. It’s going to cost significantly more than “knit” satin sheets, but if you’re going for it, go all the way.