Suede Rose Oxford Silk Pillowcase

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Suede Rose Oxford Silk Pillowcase

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ElleSilk's anti ageing, anti sleep crease, anti bed head pure silk pillowcase

We use the highest grade (6A) long fibre mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 momme and enforce the strictest quality guidelines.

ElleSilk's Suede Rose Oxford silk pillowcase is so gentle, it allows skin and hair to glide across the surface - protecting and hydrating skin, reducing split ends, and ensuring a longer-lasting blow out. ElleSilk silk pillowcases provide the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness, and durability.

Silk Pillowcase

Material: 100% Pure Mulberry Silk

Weight: 22 momme

Thread Count: 600

Closure: Envelope Opening

Flange: 3 inches

Colors Available: Black, White, Ivory, Light Pink, Cappuccino, Silver, Charcoal Grey, Dark Blue, Sage Green, etc.


  • Machine wash at 30°C using mild silk detergen

ElleSilk is natural, hypoallergenic, dust mite-resistant, and allows skin to breathe, and is recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hairdressers, and beauty experts.

Silk Pillowcase

  • The silk pillowcases are made of 22 Momme Grade 6A long fiber 100% mulberry silk. We select the highest grade silk fabric to bring a whole new level of luxury and comfort with ElleSilk’s silk bedding.

  • We are dedicated to using the organic, natural, and non-toxic materials. ElleSilk has been scientifically tested and certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the internationally recognised certification of quality. Our silk pillowcases are gentle on your hair and face, making a great addition to your beauty sleep.

  • Our pride of workmanship is evident in every stitch and thoughtful detail. With an extra 30% material, we design the pillowcases with envelope closure, no buttons or zippers, making them more comfortable to sleep on, as well as maintaining the premium quality after washing or dry cleaning.

Customer Reviews 40 item(s)

Great silk pillowcase!
I traveled the world four times and have never found silk pillowcase as fine as these Review by Peter / (Posted on 12/7/2018)
These are the highest quality silk pillowcases in the industry. It is beautiful. The customer service from ElleSilk is excellent.... Review by M.A. / (Posted on 12/7/2018)
Very nice and comfortable; bought the second set now as can't have enough of it! Review by MaryM / (Posted on 7/24/2018)
hair is less tangled in the morning
I bought the pillowcase for my dry skin and bed-head. It arrived quickly as I was expected. After using it for a couple of days, I have noticed my bed-head is improved, and my skin is not as dry as ever. I am satisfied with this purchase. Review by Carolineee / (Posted on 7/20/2018)
Exceptional quality pillowcases
Such exceptional quality pillowcases. I have bought many different brands of silk pillowcases and these are by far the loveliest. Excellent quality fabric, well stitched with everything beautifully finished and what I didn't realize when I purchased them, an envelope closure. I was thrilled to discover this item. I wash it in the washing machine. I am so very pleased! Review by Rien / (Posted on 7/20/2018)
Very good
They launder beautifully and wrinkle free. A very good price. I will buy more from this vendor. You can't ask for more in a pillow case. Review by Donald Koraido / (Posted on 7/15/2018)
100% Pure Silk Pillowcase
Pillow case is very soft and smooth. Beautiful color selection. Better than I expected. Review by Barbara / (Posted on 7/15/2018)
Luxury sleeping
Perfectly what I wanted. Silky feel. I have washed twice now and it came out perfect. I washed with cold water and dried with medium heat. The suede rose color looks exactly as pictured. Better than cotton. Cool but not cold. A little expensive but silk should last quite awhile. Review by DM / (Posted on 7/13/2018)
Great value
The item arrived super quickly and well packaged. For the price you are getting a top notch, luxurious silk pillowcase and to be honest I would have thought such an item would cost a lot more. Review by Mr Clarke / (Posted on 7/13/2018)
Incredibly comfortable and beautiful!
This silk pillowcase is incredibly comfortable. Unlike satin, it is cool in the summer and feels so good to my skin. Washing and drying according to the directions worked well, too. I immediately ordered another one for my husband. Terrific product! Review by Petunia / (Posted on 7/12/2018)
I love the pillowcase
I love the pillowcase, I don't get up in the morning with pillow lines on my face and my hair isn't sticking out all over the place. When you get older you don't need extra lines on your face in the morning. Review by Ally / (Posted on 7/12/2018)
Love the color!
These pillowcases are super soft and I really love the suede rose color. Review by Kitty / (Posted on 7/11/2018)
Great product!
I was sleeping on satin pillow cases, but after ordering and receiving and sleeping on your silk pillow cases, I won't go back to satin. Love the feel, love the light weight and it does help my skin and my hair. Great product! Review by Mary Watts / (Posted on 7/11/2018)
like the suede rose color
Nice and roomy even for the largest pillows. Smooth fabric. Hope it helps with wrinkles and hair breakage. Really like the suede rose color! Review by Nita / (Posted on 6/10/2018)
A fantastic pillowcase. The silk is very soft and smooth on your skin and hair. It wont create miracles and fix all your problems but using it will noticeable reduce how frizzy your hair is when waking up. You can machine wash it but make sure to hang it to dry, I have two and one accidentally went into the dryer. It wasn't ruined but was certainly rougher than the other one. The other one has been washed dozens of times and is still in excellent condition. Review by Coby / (Posted on 6/10/2018)
SO happy with my silk pillocase
I love this pillowcase. Its worth every penny. It is cooler, prevents face wrinkles, keeps hair more in place. This one is a very good quality. SOOOO happy with my purchase, highly highly recommend this pillowcase to anyone looking for a beautiful and affordable silk pillowcase! Review by July / (Posted on 5/29/2018)
absolute luxury
Everything about this pillowcase just screams absolute luxury. This is an excellent product at a very good price. I purchased it to prevent my hair frizzing and it's helping in that regard. Review by Lucy / (Posted on 5/28/2018)
the best to sleep on
I love my new silk pillowcase. It feels lovely to sleep on and finally I can wake up in the morning and my hair isn't all over the place! Review by Ashworth / (Posted on 5/28/2018)
Nice feeling when lying down on the sillk pillowcase.
But, I find that it is a bit on the big size for My pillow , Which could be because I like the pillow. and don't want to change it.
So this will suit me ,untill whenever,
Won't be repllacing though.
Review by bella / (Posted on 5/26/2018)
Lovely Pillowcase
I am very pleased with the pillowcase. Very good value and high quality. Thanks. Really impressed with the quality of the pillowcase – excellent! Review by Smith / (Posted on 5/25/2018)
great fabric
I bought two so that I could have a clean one on hand at all times. They feel great, fit like they're supposed to. The silky smoothness of this pillowcase beckons me to lie down and be soothed, and when I awaken, I don't have that unsightly crushed pillow face that we all dread! I wouldn't go to bed without my silk pillowcase. Review by Arthur / (Posted on 5/25/2018)
good quality
If you ever felt that you were sweltering whilst trying to get a good nights sleep then silk sheets are the answer. I was pleased with the prompt delivery of the pillowcase and the quality. Review by Ktmarie / (Posted on 5/24/2018)
Loved it!
for years ive woke up to curly unruly hair, i can straighten it one day and sleep on it and wake up with frizz and curls. I didnt put a comment on until I had washed my hair a few times and slept on it and can you believe it, my hairs stayed straight and silky. Im so happy, its great no going back, and my straighteners can be put away too. Review by talea / (Posted on 5/22/2018)
I received this beautiful pillowcase much quicker than expected. It was wrapped in tissue paper with a pretty seal closing it. now how cool is that? I LOVE this silk case, it is wonderful. Review by Cityof3 / (Posted on 5/21/2018)
satisfying quality at low prices
These pillowcases are great, and really brighten up the room plus my previous silk sheets. I wash them regularly, and they always come out fresh as new. I was very surprised at the high quality and relatively low price of these items - highly recommended. Review by Zara / (Posted on 5/19/2018)
A creature comfort
As silk pillowcases really help one's skin recover from daily wear, I have used silk pillowcases for several years now. My original cases were hard to find, and home made; they didn't launder well and barely fit. These are well made, roomy for the pillow, very gorgeous soft silk and my skin has been very gently treated by sleeping on them. I will surely order more as this item is one of life's great comforts! Review by Jho / (Posted on 5/18/2018)
If you're worried about wrinkles they say buy yourself a silk pillowcase but it's more than that. It's the silky smoothness which is easy on the face and means you'll have a comfortable sleep. Review by Mr. James M / (Posted on 5/16/2018)
The pillowcase is silk on both sides and it is so soft! It feels very luxurious and high end. I thought it might slip around being so silky on both sides but I haven't had any problems with it. It feels like heaven on your skin and stays cool all night. And I have washed and used it for a while now and it is still perfect and no problems with the zipper failing. No complaints! Review by ELLIE / (Posted on 5/13/2018)
Beautiful, incredibly soft!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Beautiful, incredibly soft, luxurious. My husband liked mine so much that I purchased one for him and he loves it so much that he refuses to sleep on cotton pillowcases now. Review by Renee / (Posted on 5/12/2018)
Good for skin
I love this pillowcase and have used several through the years. They are soft on the skin, especially older skin, which is why I purchased the first one. Try it out- you won't be disappointed. Review by Helen / (Posted on 5/9/2018)
Beautiful morning
I love my new silk pillowcase. It feels lovely to sleep on and finally I can wake up in the morning and my hair isn't all over the place! A lovely product that feels like a little luxury in my bedroom. Review by Mrs. Brown / (Posted on 5/8/2018)
I've purchased many silk pillowcases over the years and this one is by far the best quality for the price. I've finally found the right brand and seller. The color is even nicer than the photo - a beautiful, warm suede rose one. The size is generous. It came in a bag and after a gentle wash in cold water on the gentle cycle it was ready to use. I'm very pleased! Review by Virginia / (Posted on 4/25/2018)
Highly recommended
I have read a lot about silk pillowcases recently and these are lovely. I bought three, two for presents. My friends are very pleased with them and so am I. They wash well. Haven't bought any special washing liquid, I have used just a small amount of my usual one and washed by hand and they are fine. Would recommend. Review by Victoria / (Posted on 3/30/2018)
Very good quality, soft and fits perfectly. Great purchase. Review by eleanor collins / (Posted on 5/31/2017)
Great pillowcase
Arrived on time, I brought one initially to see if it is as good as the reviews said. Actually it's excellent and doesn't cause static on your hair over night. Great pillowcase, will never switch back to cotton again. Review by Annie / (Posted on 5/22/2017)
Nice and soft
Just what I was looking for, nice and soft, perfect for my girlfriend's curly hair. Review by Mark / (Posted on 4/6/2017)
Beautiful color, great quality!
I bought 2. One for my daughter and one for me. My daughter's hair is all the way down her back, and I was hoping this would help prevent knotting and tangling while she sleeps- it has helped a lot. . . And I have heard that silk pillowcases help prevent wrinkling because they don't tug on your skin as much as cotton. I 've washed these several time and they still look new.
Review by janie / (Posted on 3/31/2017)
This is just what I needed to prevent dry hair and it's also good for your complexion. It beats sleeping on a cotton pillow case. Review by Lolita Wike / (Posted on 3/20/2017)
Great product
Keeps my curly hair from breaking. Washes up well and lasts a long time. Review by MKL / (Posted on 2/16/2017)
Love that silk
The story is true! You sleep on this and your hair does not get messed up...And it works very nicely with my pillow. Review by Aloha.Girl / (Posted on 1/8/2017)

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